Crazy is when the voices inside your head can’t escape through your  fingers. So am I crazy? Well, I write about cutthroat fantasy politics  (literally), a girl who turns into a dragon and loves all things sharp  and pointy, and my favorite line from the current WIP on my hard drive  is:

Vampires make the best shoes.

Make of that what you will.

I  love books, music, cooking, gardening, playing with my spaztastic  puppy…all normal things. I also entertain a dream of one day doing my  own skoolie conversion and driving from Georgia to Vancouver and back.  Just me, the dog, the bus, and a lot of back roads. Yes, I want to live  in a less than 300 ft2 36,000 lb building that I’ll need a special license to drive down the road. I probably have a few screws loose.

I  currently reside in Georgia with Dex, an English Cocker who’s earned  his nickname Niffler a thousand times over. If he can steal it, he does.  He loves playing ball, going for long walks, and terrorizing the  resident squirrels, rabbits, and chipmunks. He also thinks I exist to  play with him.

My Day Job

By day, I’m a self-employed  copywriter who specializes in B2B content marketing, business analysis,  and other research-intensive projects. I also enjoy helping small  business owners find their voice and create a content strategy that  works for them without chaining them to a keyboard. My Homestead Planning Guide for United Farmgirls is my favorite project to-date because it lets me combine my gardening and writing addictions.

Published Work

Nanoism. April 2, 2010.

“Primrose Gloves”. Yarn Forward, Issue 24, May 2010.

Thaumatrope. Dec. 24, 2009.

“Don’t Push Send”. The Fib Review, Vol. 5. Dec. 2009.

“Dye Pot”. The Fib Review, Vol. 5. Dec. 2009.

“Veni’s Floor”. The Fib Review, Vol. 5. Dec. 2009.

“Little Windows Hat”. Petite Purls, Issue 2. Fall 2009.

“Back It Up”. Freelance Writer’s Report, Vol. 28, No. 6. August 2009.

A Few Favorites

Favorite Poem: “The Cremation of Sam McGee” by Robert Service

Favorite Book: Grendel by John Gardner

Favorite  Song: …I’m a chocoholic. Asking this is like dragging me into a chocolatier’s and telling me I can only have one thing and I have to  split it with my sister. Can’t do it.

Favorite food: … Foods,  people! It’s foods. Woman cannot live off chocolate alone! She needs  bacon, pressed coffee, lattes, espresso, chocolate, pistachios, peanut butter, spare ribs, and boiled peanuts.

In moderation, meaning I  have to count the stupid peanuts because I like the salty ones and high  blood pressure and salty boiled peanuts do not mix. I still love them.

Among  my accomplishments in life, I completed my masters in International Commerce and Policy, can back a forty-foot trailer loaded down with  wheat straw, and know how to perform basic maintenance on a 1962 Ford  tractor.