First Apprentice, the Iver Saga Book 1

A riveting coming of age story about an orphaned dracon shifter’s struggle to control her own fate.


“Black  as a moonless night, might makes right,” Joel whispered the old saying  under his breath. His fingers clenched around my wrist before he  released me and stepped away, his aura flashing with yellows and spring  greens—excited and amused. Mostly excited. Definitely not afraid.

“Precisely,” I said.

Out  of the corner of my eye, I watched as Grandfather’s deep purple aura  turned orange. Feigned disappointment. In his opinion, aura reading was a  potential weakness and one he never hesitated to exploit. He only  broadcast his emotions when he wanted someone to read them.

I  rolled my eyes. “Stop acting so disappointed, Grandfather. This is what  you wanted, isn’t it? Why else would he—” I nodded to Joel “—be here?  Our world is beneath his notice unless you invited him.”

“Lured,” Joel supplied helpfully.

So I wasn’t the only one Grandfather tricked. “Tell me, Grandfather. Did you want Director Nease dead?”  Read for free!